“But fossil fuels have given us climate change; agrichemicals have threatened species, undermined soil fertility and human health; and synthetic drugs have had fatal side-effects.” (Shiva 2000)

Humans are basically the root of all of these problems, even though we do not like to admit it. After we discovered that we can use fossil fuels (natural gas, oil, and coal) for our own personal gain, we have not been able to stop. This is slowly draining the earth of all of it’s resources. Agrichemicals are exactly what they sound like, a chemical used in agriculture. An example would be pesticide, which humans invented. We also came up with the idea of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) which we use to make plants or animals grow larger so they produce a larger crop. These agrichemicals are also ruining the soil that the plants grow on. Then when we eat the plants all that contaminated soil can get into out systems. My main point here is that humans create all the problems that we complain about, but we are too busy trying to make money in order to realize we are the ones causing all the problems.   synthetic drugs


“It is that the big depends on the small, and cannot survive by exterminating the small” (Shiva 2000)

I imagine that people who disregard animal life think this way. Because we are technically ‘higher up on the food chain’ all life below us is unnecessary. This is not true. Everything on this earth serves a purpose whether you recognize it or not. We need to have some sort of order in the world otherwise it would be pure chaos, but having order does not mean ‘killing off’ all of the weaker ones. We all work together on the earth, it is home to all organisms and its fair that we treat them all with the same respect. Do I think that killing a spider is wrong? No, but the killing of defenseless endangered animals is. We need to all try and live a litter greener and a litter more harmonious.


“When industrial civilization uses the gifts of biodiversity, it abuses the living richness of our world.” (Shiva 2000)

Biodiversity in its simplest form is having a variety of life in the world or even in just one specific ecosystem. This sort of restates my original point. Humans use everything to their own advantage and we don’t really think about how it is going to affect the world. Climate change is real. Whether you want to believe it because of humans or not, you cannot deny that its happening. This is unfortunately a side effect to humans living on the earth for so long. Especially since there are so many of us, and the numbers keep growing. The current population of humans on the earth is 7.6 billion people. This is just going to keep increasing and we are just going to suck the earth dry of all its resources before it decides to retaliate.

climate change



Shiva, V. (1949) Excerpt from Tomorrow’s Biodiversity. In University Colloquium: A sustainable Future (pp. 38-57). Acton, MA: XanEdu Publishing

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